Industry Standards Committees are responsible to:
  • Oversees an orderly and effective development of standards in specific broad sector.
  • Oversees international standardization in specific broad sector
  • Final approval of technical content of draft standards
  • Coordinating all standards work undertaken by technical committees and working groups.
    The following are the ISCs managed by SIRIM Berhad:
ISC/D-Building, Construction and Civil Engineering
ISC/F-Mechanical Engineering
ISC/G-Information Technology, Communications and Multimedia
ISC/H-Petroleum and Gas
ISC/K-Packaging and Logistics
ISC/M-Fire Safety
ISC/P-Metallic Materials and Semi-Finished Products
ISC/Q-Textiles and Apparels
ISC/R-Medical Devices and Facilities for Healthcare
ISC/T-Tourism, Exhibition and Hospitality Services
ISC/U-Food, Food Products and Food Safety
ISC/W-Occupational Safety and Health
ISC/Y-Quality and Organisational Management
ISC/Z-Environmental Management